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Related Definitions

Law: A system of rules or parameters usually enforced through one or more institutions

Practitioner: A person who practices a learned profession or occupation.


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About Us:

The Legal Practitioner is an encyclopedic reference point intended to define and explain many of the terms and concepts relating to the legal aspects of information technology governance and management.

It is part of the Practitioner.Com portal, which is a hub of expertise for professional practitioners acress a range of IT subject topics.

Coming Soon:

The Practitioner Web Log, which will discuss current incidents and events.

Welcome to The Legal Practitioner

This is an on-going project designed to explain and define many of the concepts in this increasingly complex field. It comprises two broad sections: a set of introductory resources, and an encyclopedia.


We currently offer the following sub-sections:

Introduction to Corporate Regulation and Standardization
A Guide to Computer Crime


This project defines a growing range of related terms and phrases, with each page covers a different aspect or concept relating to legal governance or legislation, often providing informative discussion, along with definitions and background.

Whilst the topics covered will increase steadily, the following are currently covered:

The Principles of Electronic Evidence