A Guide To
Computer Crime

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An Introduction To Computer Crime and Internet Fraud


Computer Fraud vs. Computer Crime
    Fraud vs Crime
    Computer Fraud
    Computer Crime
        Computer-Assisted Crime
        Information Crime
        Misuse of Computer Assets
        Theft of Computer Hardware
        Information Theft
        Theft of Proprietary Information
Computer Crime Techniques
    Information Theft and Theft of Proprietary Information
    Techniques to Penetrate Systems or Obtain System Information
        "Social Engineering"
        Trojan Horse
        Trap Doors
        Salami Techniques
        Logic Bombs
        Data Diddling
        Data Leakage
        Simulation and Modelling
        Wire Tapping
        Network Weaving
        Altering the Way a System Generates Passwords
        Buffer Overflow Exploits
        Privilege Escalation Exploits
        HTTP Exploits
    Insider Threats
An introduction to the Internet
The 'Upside' of the Internet
    A Short History of the Internet
    Internet Usage Growth
        World Wide Web
        Cost of Connection
        Connection Speed
        Usage Summary
Revenue from the Internet
        Revenues from Different Areas
        Variations in Online Revenues for 1999
    Summary of changes in the Internet
        Internet Services
        Internet Uses
        Internet User Profiles
        Internet Service Providers
    Summary of Internet Growth
The 'Downside' of the Internet
    Infrastructural Issues
        Security Vulnerabilities
        Malicious Acts by Humans
        Direct Losses
        Indirect Losses
    Summary of Growth in Internet Problems
Specific Internet Crimes
The Specific Problem of Email
    E-mail Security Concerns
    E-mail Ownership
    Organisational Liability
Terrorism Issues for Governments
Problems of Reporting
Crime and the Internet - the Future
    Benefits to the Criminal
    Future Trends
    Countering the threat
    Appendix A Example 419 Fraud Correspondence from Zone-H
    Appendix B Possible Advance Fee Scam Mails
    Appendix C Credit Card Repair Example
    Appendix D Paypal Account Scam
    Appendix E OnLine Directories
    Appendix F Drive Thousands of Users ...
    Appendix G Top Ten Positioning on Search Engines
    Appendix H Investment Newsletter (Pump and Dump?)
    Appendix I Work At Home
    Appendix J Diet Claims
    Appendix K Software Piracy
    Appendix L On Line Gambling
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