An Introduction To Corporate
Regulation and Standardization

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An Introduction to Regulation and Standardization


Optional Standards
Mandatory standards
Regulatory Requirements
        Airspace Policy
        Consumer Protection
      Economic Regulation
      Safety Regulation
The Law - An overview
   Sources of the Law
      Primary Legislation
      Secondary Legislation
      Autonomic Legislation
   Common Law
   European Law
   European Case Law
      European Court of Justice
      House of Lords
      Court of Appeal
      High Court
      Judicial Review
The Court System
   The European Court of Justice
   The House of Lords
   The Court of Appeal
   The High Court
   Crown Court
   County Courts
   Magistrates' Court
   Privy Council
   Other Courts
Civil Actions
      Offer and Acceptance
      Intention to Create Legal Relations
      Privity of Contract
      Formal Requirements
      Contractual Terms
      Duty of Care
      Breach of Duty
      Harm Resulting from Breach
      Principle in Hedley Byrne and Heller
      Exclusion of Liability
Criminal Offences
The Law Related to Fraud
   Definition of Fraud
   Principal Types of Fraud
      Misrepresentation of Material Facts
      Bribery and Corruption
      Money Laundering
      Theft of Money or Property
      Theft of Trade Secrets
      Breach of Fiduciary Duty
      Miscellaneous Statutory and Common Law Offences
      Frauds to Documents
      False Statements by Company Directors
      Dishonest Suppression of Documents
      Dishonest Procuring By Deception of the Execution of a Valuable Security
      Frauds on Investors - Insider Dealing
      Offences on Insolvency
      Bankruptcy Fraud
      The Enterprise Act 2002
      Frauds on the Public
      Interference with Gas Meters
      Pretended Auction
      Misleading Prices
      Fraudulent Mediums
      Offence of Fraudulently Receiving Programmes
      Computer Frauds - Unauthorised Access + Intent + Modification
      Conspiracy to Defraud
      Frauds on the European Community
I've been hit - what do I do?
Private Individual
   Do Nothing
   Criminal Route with the Police
      The CPS Process
      General Principles
      The Decision to Prosecute
      The Full Code Test
      The Threshold Test
   Selection of Charges
      Diversion from Prosecution
      Mode of Trial
      Accepting Guilty Pleas
      Prosecutors Role in Sentencing
      Re-starting a Prosecution
      The Civil Route
   So what do I Do?
   Sample Fraud Reporting and Investigating Policy (FRIP)
      Scope of policy
      Suspicion reporting and confidentiality
      Actions constituting fraud
      Other concerns
      Investigation responsibilities
      Authorisation for investigating suspected fraud
      Disciplinary procedures
      FRIP Appendix
   Do Nothing
   Criminal Route with the Police
   The Civil Route
   So what do I Do?
Appendix A - ISO 27001 Taxonomy
      Information Security Management
      Auditing, Certification and Accreditation Criteria
      Non UK National Standards
      Management Guidelines
      Data Protection and Privacy
      Other Standards of Note
Appendix C - References
Legal Glossary

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